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Explore the Floor

a ground-based mini movement intensive

January 20-23rd 2022

Ard Nahoo photo.jpeg


Explore the Floor is a 4-day / 3-night mini movement intensive focusing on handstands and active, functional flexibility. The aim is to bring a community of artists and movers together in the darkest and coldest part of the year to retreat from the daily grind, gain new skills, inspire each other, and just have the craic!


Photographer_ Aisling Cheallaigh

We'll be gathering at Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat Centre, located just 20 minutes drive from Sligo town, nestled in the picturesque Leitrim hills. Workshops will take place in their warm (in both color and temperature) studio space, which is connected to the shared dining area, treatment room for massage (available upon request), and sauna, showers, and hot tub which will be open for a daily 'Uisce Hour.' We'll be housed in three cozy eco-cabins, each with its own kitchen and shared living space. For more information on Ard Nahoo, browse their website here.


Anyone with a regular movement practice is welcome to join! Whether like me you're an aerialist who values a strong and consistent ground practice to keep you healthy in the air, a flow artist who wants to expand your range of expression, or a yogi who would like to explore flexibility and inversion through the lens of circus technique, all levels and styles are welcome.



But you're a die-hard aerialist, Jenny - why the floor? Although I love nothing like I love being in the air, I credit an enormous amount of my range of expression to the work I put in on the ground. At the end of the day, that's the whole point of getting stronger and bendier: to increase the vocabulary available to us, so we can tell ever more intricate, compelling stories. I've had the privilege of studying with contortion and handstand coaches across several continents over the past ten years, and while I would never call myself a contortionist or a handbalancer, their techniques have informed the practices that keep my aerial body happy, and I can't wait to share them with you in a focused, intensive (and did I say warm?!) environment.



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