Jenny has been throwing herself artistically at the ground since catching the flying trapeze bug while studying in New York in 2010. Deciding that a job in her academic field of study (politics) sounded exceptionally un-fun, she proceeded to live in 6 different countries across three continents taking jobs as an assistant editor, a live-in nanny, an English teacher, a university administrator, and a full-time dog walker. These temporary occupations allowed her time to pursue a patchwork education in circus across various institutions including Circus Warehouse (NYC), Circus Oz (Melbourne), and Centro Acrobatico Fedriani (Madrid), alongside participation in innumerable private lessons, workshops, and festivals.

While she's tried her hand at just about everything, aerial hoop is Jenny's primary discipline followed closely by her invented apparatus 'the infineight,' made in collaboration with metalworker Tim Omspach. She also has experience performing aerial harness/vertical dance, spanish web, aerial chains, hula hoops, aerial spiral, and working at great height on crane gigs with Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre. She might even do verticals too if you pay her a lot of money, and she is a born 3-high middle.

Jenny currently lives on the west coast of Ireland, where she works full time as a performer on a mix of her own projects and freelance contracts. She is proud to also be supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, and her beloved team over on Patreon.

Usually upsidedown. Occasionally on fire.
Very blue.



While Jenny never attended a formal circus school, the following individuals, companies, organizations, and community spaces have all had a substantial impact on who I am as an artist, an athlete, and a teacher. It is by no means a comprehensive list, but it is a start. Thank you all to the moon and back!

Trapeze School New York


Body & Pole NYC

Brenna Bradbury

Circus Warehouse

Summer Lacy

Susan Voyticky

Rachel Strickland

Arts Council of Ireland

Tarah Carey


Merryn Chenoweth

Spin Circus

Viral Happiness 

Centro Acrobatico Fedriani

Fl'air Studios

Irish Aerial Creation Centre


Lee Harry Clayden


Chantal McCormick

Jen Crane

Rachel Hunt

Spinning @

Blue Circus Studios

Aisling Ni Cheallaigh

Dance Ireland